About Us

Venture HT focuses on R&D solution for product development with our cutting edge technologies in EM system level simulation for smart Antenna and module design. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost IOT industries implementations.
We provide embedded antenna design and integrated frontend module/RFI solution for IOT, Autonomous Driving and 5G industries with industry leading AI, deep learning solutions. 

Meet the Team

Dr. Mei Chai

Founder & CEO
Dr. Chai has over 15 years research experience on 5G wireless communication, autonomous driving, machine learning, RFI/PI/SI with multi-patents publications. Strong experience brings in world leading R &D strategy with cutting edge technologies.
Ph. D Duke University (2002-2006)
Research Scientist, Intel (2006-2018)

Dr. Qingxin Su

Founder & President
Dr. Su has over 20 years of experience in innovation partnerships and management across R&D projects, build research labs, invention commercialization and technology transfer. He co-founded multi IP commercialization company and IC startups. His current work involves various combinations of AI, autonomous driving, semiconductor, sensors and new material to enable the tech transfer to market.


System EM Simulation For Smart Antennas

AI Technology Changing IOT Industries


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